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Adopted in 2012 and currently under revision, the Bioeconomy Strategy is the European policy tool binding together all economic activities related to the use of biomass, ranging from food production to bioenergy and to bio-based products. ECOS actively participates in the development of standards applying to bio-based products, bioenergy, and biomass, and sustainability criteria. Our goal is to develop a bio-economy keeping the carrying capacity of the Earth, while staying within planetary boundaries.

What we are working on

  • The H2020 STAR-ProBio project, focusing on sustainability standards applying to bio-based products and on environmental aspects. More on
  • Ensuring the revision of the European standards within CEN/TC 383 (“Sustainably produced biomass for energy applications”) will not undermine the objectives of the Renewable Energy Directive II and promote biofuels that can be proven to be sustainable or with so-called “low-ILUC” risks (“low indirect land use change” risks).
  • Developing a transparent, comprehensive and consistent framework applying to the entire supply chain that connects raw materials to final products and provide a strong basis for potential environmental claims on such final products.

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Mathilde Crêpy
Senior Programme Manager+32 2 894 46 68

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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