13 May 2020

The Positive Side of Batteries – The Role of Standards in Supporting Sustainability Requirements for Batteries

Electromobility has a great potential to become a key solution for an environmentally friendly and decarbonised transport sector. Moving away from dirty fossil fuels and introducing proper sustainability criteria for batteries are essential to making it happen. Discover our new report!

Our new paper, written in cooperation with ReVolta, shows how to set standards for batteries to be repairable and reusable. The rules our experts propose will make batteries easier to assess and compare across brands, ensuring that they can have a second life once their first use is over.

We have the chance to set clear planet-friendly rules for recycling and reusing batteries before electric vehicles go mainstream. If Europe does not rise to the challenge, we will all regret it in 10 years – when batteries start dying on a massive scale.

What is the role of standards in supporting sustainability requirements for batteries? Read on!

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