The Joint Initiative on Standardisation beyond Europe

justin-1On 13 October, during the IEC Annual General Meeting in Frankfurt, the European Commission organised an event to present and promote theJoint Initiative on Standardisation‘ (JIS) beyond the borders of Europe. The JIS, signed by Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska and actors of the standardisation community on 13 June, sets a common vision, agreed principles and commitments for the future of the European Standardisation System (ESS). It proposes 15 Actions to address identified problems or areas of improvement of the ESS. 

Speakers from the European standardisation organisations and the Annex III organisations introduced some of the key actions. ECOS Deputy Director Justin Wilkes presented Action 9, aimed to contribute to ensure inclusiveness, transparency and effective participation of all stakeholders in the ESS.

ECOS is a member of the Steering Committee which is in charge of overseeing the development and implementation of the 15 JIS Actions towards 2020. Moreover, ECOS takes active part in at least five of these actions. Of those five, there has been progress on two which relate to international aspects of standardisation: Action 13, intended to promote the European regulatory model supported by voluntary standards and its close link to international standardisation in third countries; and Action 15 aimed to improve the representation of the interests of SMEs in Europe in international standardisation processes, as well as other societal interests, such as the environment.

ECOS has great hopes that this event and JIS Actions 13 and 15 will contribute to support greater inclusiveness in international standardisation, especially within ISO and IEC, who increasingly often lead on standardisation developments in areas of public interests and environmental protection, such as nanomaterials and climate change.

ECOS letter to Commissioner Bieńkowska on the JIS and related actions is available here.