Survey: Effective NGO participation in standardisation

Whether you work on standards in your respective countries or not, you (NGOs representing environment, consumers, workers and other societal interests) can help us improve the standardisation system that increasingly impacts citizens and the environment. We invite you to take a few minutes of your time to participate in this survey on effective participation of NGOs in standardisation at national level.

The survey, which ECOS has long been calling for, has been developed jointly by the standards organisations, the member states, and societal stakeholders including ECOS, as part of the Action 10 of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS).

The questionnaire is not perfect, but this is the first ever EU-wide survey aimed to:

  • Identify barriers which prevent NGOs from participating, be they practical or philosophical
  • Identify national standardisation best practices
  • Identify key areas of improvement, build new tools and implement pilot projects.

An adequate representation and effective participation of all stakeholders at national level is a prerequisite of the quality of standards. It improves the legitimacy and confidence in the system as well. Action 10 of the JIS wants to achieve this objective. Your participation to this survey will allow us to have a detailed overview of existing practices in Europe.
Thank you for taking few minutes to give us your point of view.

The deadline to participate is the 10th of J
une 2017.

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