Smart Charging of Electric Vehicle Standards moves forward

The ‘smart charging’ standard for electric vehicles (ISO 15118) has moved closer to realisation with the launch of the second committee draft for the part that specifies network and application protocol requirements between the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The standard has incorporated new elements on Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT) and Wireless Power Transfer (WPT). After a period of voting and commenting, the revision of the second committee draft will continue until a decision on whether an agreement is possible to progress to later stages of the standardisation development process, or return for technical commenting on a third committee draft. ECOS was actively involved to integrate technical requirements for power island reconnection, handling of time and power profile data structures and, clarification of power grid physical parameters.

The ISO 15118 standard will be complemented by a newly approved standard IEC 63110 for the management of EV ‘charging and discharging’ infrastructure. The standard will likely be similar in scope to the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 2.0 standard, which was established by the Open Charge Alliance to manage charge points from a central system. The standard will include aspects on the management of energy transfer, asset management of EVSE and the authentication, authorisation and payment of charging sessions.