Representing the environment in standardisation – ECOS-CEN Annual Expert Training

expert training 2017The annual CEN-ECOS training for environmental experts on standardisation gathered more than 20 ECOS members and experts. Participants learned the basics of standardisation, including what standards are, their evolution over time, and how they are structured and developed. These procedural aspects were complemented by an interactive session on how to effectively contribute to standards making. The participants tried out their newly acquired skills and knowledge by providing their own comments on a draft standard. The comments were then discussed and challenged in order to simulate a real-life negotiation between the different interests represented in Technical Committees or Working Groups.

The standards development process is cost and resource intensive. To overcome these hurdles and draw out best practices, ECOS has launched the pilot project AccESS to improve environmental NGO participation in the European standardisation system and highlight their added value in the system. ECOS is also taking part in the Action 10 of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation which aims at identifying barriers to their participation at national level and making recommendations for overcoming them.