Promising developments for On-Board Metering

7467503550_3937c91831_mECOS welcomed the inclusion of On-Board Metering (OBM) in the standardisation request on ‘Certain Measuring Instruments’, adopted by Member States during the Committee on Standards meeting on 7 October. The request initially asked for standards concerning the legal metrological control of delivery of electricity for use in electrical means of transport. ECOS’ arguments for including OBM were that OBM can contribute to:

  • Reduce investment costs of infrastructure, by reusing existing charging infrastructure
  • Measure all electricity used by EVs, so as to provide greater transparency to consumers
  • Document all recharging activities for billing, taxation or similar purposes
  • Enable future advanced recharging technologies (e.g. shared conductive & wireless charging)

ECOS will participate in the standard developments in response to the Mandate. The ECOS position paper on OBM can be found here.

Image Source: Flickr