Poket Watt digi label

Digi-Label (Delivering digital Energy Labelling solutions to drive consumer action on purchasing the most energy efficient appliance) is a three years Horizon2020 project designed to facilitate customers choice in purchasing energy efficient products.

By creating digital tools that will offer consumers a larger amount of better data on the energy consumption of appliances, this project is aiming to make the EU Energy Label understandable for everyone, but also more accessible.

Instantly accessible information through a smartphone app, by only scanning the QR code of the appliance to be purchased, is what consumers will be able to have on the go.

The new tool is named PocketWatt and planned to be launched firstly in UK and Spain in the beginning of 2017, and further official introduced in 2018 also in the shops of Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. With this tool customers will be able to view online additional information on the costs of running a particular product.

11 European partners with expertise in the products energy labelling are involved.

  • Energy Saving Trust
  • ECOS
  • EEB
  • SEVEn
  • Fraunhofer ISI
  • Eliante
  • VZBZ
  • adelphi
  • Solstice Associates Ltd.

ECOS assisted in the development of this project, being the work package leader, it is in charge of coordinating the pilot-testing of a practical digital solution that that will complement the EU energy label.