AccESS is a first of its kind, two years project runned by ECOS (2017-2019) and funded by EC. It aims to involve national environmental NGOs and amplify their voices in the European Standartisation System through:

  • exploring and testing new collaborative working practices AccESS_Logo_FINAL-01
  • providing intensive trainings
  • knowledge gained application in their area of expertise
  • sharing national expertise and knowledge to make better standards.


ANTICSS - “Anti-Circumvention of Standards for better market Surveillance” project involves 19 organisations that co-work to define and assess “circumvention” (or manipulated testing) in relation to EU Ecodesign and Energy labelling legislation and their harmonised standards.  It is funded by EU Horizon2020 research and innovation programme.




engage logoENgage is a three-year project, supported by the EU and EFTA. The project is oriented to involve  national standardisation bodies (NSB) and societal stakeholder representatives in the CEN Strategic Advisory Body on Environment (SABE). The aim is to bring in the standardisation process more stakeholders interested in the environmental aspects of standardization as to enhance the expertise and strategic advice on environmental matters.



INTAS - The three-year project INTAS is aiming to provide technical and cooperative support, as well as capacity building activities, to European Market Surveillances Authorities in charge of enforcing Ecodesign regulations. The project will provide support to industries as to help them comply to the Ecodesign Directive.



STAR-ProBio_official_logo_ColorFocused on bioeconomy, the STAR-ProBio is a three-year project that aims to insure a streamlined and conform policy regulation framework for sustainability assessment of bio-based products and raise consumers’ confidence in their consumption. This project is a partnership of 15 members leaded by Unitelma Sapienza University and supported by the Horizon 2020 funding.

Poket Watt digi label

Digi-Label (Delivering digital Energy Labelling solutions to drive consumer action on purchasing the most energy efficient appliance) is a three years Horizon2020 project designed to facilitate customers choice in purchasing energy efficient products. The concept is to develop a web tool that will offer customers the possibility to learn and compare the energy efficiency of a particular appliance. By accessing PocketWatt, via a smartphone or a PC, the tool offers instant information on the annual running cost and energy consumption of the indicated gadget.