Preserving the environment through standards – 14 November

Preserving the environment through standards – 14 November

14 November 2017

Brussels Belgium

Consumer safety, climate change, resource and energy efficiency, sustainable chemicals, workers’ protection… Everyday standards impact the quality of people’s lives and their natural environment and it is key to ensure that they are developed keeping the best interest of citizens at heart. The increasing use of standards in national and European legislation and policies in areas of public interest makes the participation of civil society in standardisation more crucial than ever.

Our event will give you insight on how standards are developed and what their impacts are on environmental policies in areas such as ecodesign and circular economy,  and explore how civil society can better engage in standardisation at national level.

Belgian environmental NGOs IEW and BBL, together with ECOS

BBL, Tweekerkenstraat 47, 1000 Brussel

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