Press Release: Šefčovič’s Energy Union neglects e-mobility, say industry and civil society

Brussels, 18 November 2015

Industry and civil society groups working on transport have criticised today’s State of the Energy Union speech by Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič for failing to prioritise e-mobility as a major means of decarbonising transport. The majority of EU states lag significantly behind Norway – where one out of every five cars sold is electric, said the platform of 13 organisations, which includes power sector representative Eurelectric, car maker Renault-Nissan, railway operators’ body CER and sustainable transport group Transport & Environment.

In a letter to the Commission today, the platform states: “Whilst some progress is being made, Europe is failing to leverage the full potential of the single market and is making disparate progress across EU member states in shifting towards the wider uptake of electro-mobility.”


The Electromobility Platform was formed in 2014 and is an alliance of organisations from across industries and transport modes representing producers, operators, and users of transport, as well as cities and civil society, who have joined forces to drive forward the electrification of surface transport. The platform consists of 13 organisations, including ECOS members Transport and Environment and Bellona.