Position Paper: A possible Energy Label for windows

ECOS believes that there is a strong role for the European Union to play in supporting innovation in the windows products’ market. To name but a few, a European Energy label for windows would bring the following advantages:

  • It would trigger substantial energy savings, estimated 7 Mtoe per year by 2030;
  • It would improve the consumers, retailers, and installers understanding of window energy performance;
  • It would put an end to the proliferation of labelling schemes, providing an opportunity to easily introduce requirements related to window energy performance, based on energy balance equations in national building regulations.

We would like to express our general support for a consumers’ label on windows, but also encourage the European Commission to develop a tool guiding installers in a EU-wide harmonised way, utilising the possibilities offered by the digital label. We believe that installers have a key role to play in guiding consumers towards more efficient products. Should this tool be an installers’ label, the interaction between consumers’ and installers’ labels needs to be fully thought through.

Read our full position paper here

Image: Flickr/Creative Commons