New ECOS President

Greg-Archer-Transport-EnvironmentGreg Archer, the Clean Vehicles Director of Transport & Environment has been elected as the new ECOS President. Greg has been on the Committee for over three years, and has been the Vice-President since 2016.

Our former president Pieter de Pous, leaves us and his position as Policy Director at the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) for new challenges as Head of the Nature Conservation and Environmental Policy Department at German NGO NABU.

ECOS would like to thank Pieter for helping us develop our secretariat and network over the last six years, as well as strengthening the influence of ECOS. During his time, Pieter has given us trust and support, especially when the organisation was facing challenges. During Pieter’s presidency, the organisation successfully recovered from a difficult financial situation, after which it developed in size and influence.

In the last six years, ECOS has grown from 4 to 12 permanent staff, and the membership has almost doubled in size. Having celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in 2016, ECOS has never been as influential and successful as it is today.

On his new role as ECOS President Greg says:

I am delighted to become ECOS President and look forward to working with my colleagues on the Executive Committee and Laura her management team in driving ECOS to even more success in the future. The role of robust standards in environmental regulations has never been more important. As recent scandals in the automotive and electronics sectors show, without robust tests and in-service checks environmental rules become ineffective. The work of ECOS and its members is essential to prevent this and I look forward to being able to contribute to ECOS making an ever-greater contribution to environmental protection in the future.