MEPs join our call for more inclusiveness in standardisation

The European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee (IMCO) is the latest in line calling for a more inclusive European Standardisation System. This follows calls already made by civil society organisations, SMEs, and the European Economic and Social Committee.

With its draft ‘Own-Initiative Report currently under discussion, the European Parliament calls for greater efforts to be made by standardisation bodies to ensure the proper implementation of Regulation (EU) 1025/2012 on European Standardisation. It particularly stressed the importance to warrant a greater level of transparency and inclusiveness in the system.

The draft report stresses that political decisions related to health, safety and environmental protection should not be left to standardisers. It calls for persisting barriers to the participation of civil society and SMEs to be overcome at both national and European level. The creation of a specific category of membership for societal stakeholders within the European Standardisation Organisations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) is also called for. This would grant civil society specific access and participation rights in the standard development process. The report acknowledges that as more and more European standards are being developed at international level, outside the scope of Regulation (EU) 1025/2012, the involvement of societal stakeholders must be guaranteed.

The draft report reflects many of the recommendations of ANEC, ECOS and ETUC to make standards serve society, presented by ANEC at the IMCO Hearing, ‘European Standards for the 21st Century’, on 26 January. ECOS invites Members of the European Parliament to approve the report as soon as possible to allow the European Commission and the standardisation community to move forward on improving the standardisation system.

We trust that the establishment of an interinstitutional dialogue on standardisation, which the European Commission committed to, will serve as a platform to discuss and monitor progress in full transparency.