Lights off for CEN-CENELEC Coordination Group ‘Light’

The CEN-CENELEC Coordination Group Light (LIGHT CG) has concluded that it has finalised its tasks and requested to be disbanded by CEN/CLC BT at their final meeting on 20 March.

 LIGHT CG was established as a short-term group to coordinate and advise on standardisation activities that relate to lighting. This included M/485 on ‘fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, ballasts and luminaires’, M/495 ‘harmonised standards in the field of Ecodesign’ and M/519 ‘light emitting diodes (LEDs)’.

One of the main objectives of LIGHT CG was to develop work programmes to support the completion of the above-mentioned mandates, and monitor the work progress. During discussions on M/519, LIGHT CG confirmed that ongoing work will meet the European Commission’s request of standardisation deliverables for among others:

  • LED luminaire lifetime
  • Acceptable colour shift and power consumption over luminaire lifetime
  • Flicker and stroboscopic effects
  • Quality performance requirements for LEDs
  • OLED performance requirements. 

    Under M/485, LIGHT CG confirmed the development of several standardisation deliverables to meet the request of the Commission for fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps and luminaires for street lighting.

ECOS will continue to engage with relevant standards under development, and ensure policy and standardisation coherence.