Joint Letter: Joint Initiative on Standardisation

bienkowskaToday, ECOS together with pan-European environmental NGO’s, the European Environmental Bureau, Transport and Environment, and BirdLife International sent a joint letter to Commissioner Bieńkowska, with regards to the signing of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation, taking place today, 13 June, in Amsterdam. The letter highlights positive aspects of the Initiative and also raises concerns regarding other aspects. 

ECOS has been part of the drafting of the Joint Initiative and is one of the organisations signing it today. 

The Joint Initiative on European Standardisation (JIES) aims to:

  • recognise and modernise the existing (public-private) partnerships between the EC/EFTA and the European Standardisation Organisations (CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI) and between the EC/EFTA and the European stakeholders’ organisations (ANEC, ECOS, ETUC and SBS);
  • ensure that the standardisation system produces timely and market-driven standards in an inclusive way, effectively support EU policies, and help consolidate Europe’s leadership in international standardisation;
  • speed up and better prioritise standard setting across the board.

The JIES sets a common vision, agreed principles and commitments for the future of the European standardisation system. It also proposes a series of actions to address identified problems/areas of improvement of the ESS without detail.  

Read the letter in full here

Image: ECOS Director Laura Degallaix with Commissioner Bieńkowska at the signing of the Joint Initiative for European Standardisation in Amsterdam, 13 June 2016.