Energy-wasting stoves, hobs and range hoods to be banned under Ecodesign directive

As of the February 20, the sale of energy-wasting stoves, hobs and range hoods will be banned across the EU. This is a result of the Ecodesign directive, which aims to improve the environmental impact of products across the EU, by improving the efficiency of industrial, commercial and household products.  

Stamatis Sivitos from ECOS, a founding partner of the Coolproducts campaign group says, “Power does not equal performance and too often consumers end up buying products that appear cheap, but cost a fortune to run. These rules mean that design standards will go up, and low quality Asian imports that cannot stand the heat will have to leave the kitchen.”

The European Commission estimate that the ban on energy-wasting stoves and hobs will reduce the average consumer bill by up to €50/year. 

Reuters, The Guardian and EurActiv have reported further on the news.


Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons