Energy Performance of Buildings: Recommendations for an accurate Calculation Methodology

Triggered by the recast of the EPBD in 2010, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) is developing a set of European standards to be used as calculation methodologies. Each standard is related to the various aspects of a building and its performance (thermal aspects, ventilation, heating systems, lighting, automation). Beyond these standards, an overarching standard would provide the general methodology and principles that the rest of the standards would follow. The overarching standard, as well as the rest of the EPB-set of standards, are still under development.

This paper, written together with UK Sustainability Network for Standardisation (UK SNS), aspires to provide the input of environmental NGOs to the discussion, ensuring that environmental considerations are taken into account. It is addressed to both the regulators and standardisers, and explores the link between the regulation EPBD and the calculation method. It advocates for a harmonised, but also robust, European methodology, so that the set of standards would allow for grasping the potential of energy savings in the area of buildings.

The paper is available to read here

Image source: Flickr/Creative Commons