Electronics in a circular economy – ECOS Annual Workshop

“Completing the circuit – Electronic products in a European Circular Economy” was ECOS’ third Annual Workshop. Held in Brussels on 28 June, ECOS brought together key players from the European institutions and stakeholders to discuss the role Ecodesign product policy and standards can play to integrate electronic products into a European circular economy.

Looking at the electronic product lifespan from cradle to grave, we set out to answer which policy measures and standards can drive the sustainable use of electronics, and we explore if there is in fact space for electronics in a truly circular economy.

Panel 1: “Putting all our cards on the table: The role of the EU in driving the sustainable design and use of electronics”

In this panel, speakers explored the requirements proposed to make electronic products more durable, repairable and recyclable from the design stage. The panel set out to identify how material efficiency standards currently in development can further contribute to achieve this goal. Complementary policy levers that encourage a longer use of products were also explored.


  • Paolo Tosoratti, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Sylvie Feindt, Director Environmental Policy, Digital Europe
  • Chloé Fayole, Policy Officer, ECOS
  • Sylvia Maurer, Head of Sustainability and Safety, BEUC
  • Ross Bartley, Trade & Environment Director, Bureau of International Recycling (BIR)

Panel 2: “Sitting on a gold mine: How re-use and recycling can integrate electronics into a circular economy”

The second panel explored if and how material value can be retained in a circular economy by setting ambitious requirements to boost the re-use of old electronics and ensure their safe recycling or treatment. The promises and limits of the future associated standards were scrutinised to identify whether they can benchmark waste management across Europe.


  • Maria Banti, Policy Officer, DG Environment, European Commission
  • Joan Marc Simon, Director, Zero Waste Europe
  • Norbert Zonnerveld, Executive Secretary, European Electronics Recycling Association (EERA)
  • Mathieu Rama, Advocacy Officer, RREUSE
  • Christian Dworak, Chairman CENELEC TC 111X, Corporate Technologies – BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

The speaker presentations are available here.