ECOS welcome Det Økologiske Råd to its network

ECOS is pleased to present Det Økologiske Råd (The Ecological Council) as our newest member organisation.

A Danish non-profit organization, their main objective is to promote and increase the possibilities for an ecologically sustainable development, where environmental concerns, social justice and human well-being are main focal points on both a national and global level.

They have a number of shared priorities with ECOS, participating in Danish Public hearings and work concerning Coolproducts and MarketWatch. They focus primarily on Energy and Climate, Chemicals, Transportation and Agriculture.  Furthermore, ECOS has been closely collaborating with The Ecological Council on the Villum Project related to Nanomaterials.

One of our current members, The Danish Society for Nature Conservation (Danmarks Naturfredningsforening) frequently collaborates with The Ecological Council, and they have worked together on projects concerning Global Energy, air pollution and buffer zones to name a few.

Apart from their collaboration with The Danish Society for Nature Conservation, they are also members of the EEB and Transport & Environment, highlighting an interest in numerous fields in which ECOS works.

For more information, please visit their website.

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