ECOS views on dishwasher performance standard after public enquiry has been completed

ECOS is taking part in the revision of European standard EN 60436 providing methods for measuring the performance of electric dishwashers for household use. The revised standard aims to support the revised EU Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Regulations for dishwashers, which forms part of the package of measures which will be voted upon in early 2019.

The draft standard includes several positive changes compared to the standard that has been in place since 2016, in particular:

  • new test load with a bigger variety of materials and shapes,
  • new phosphate-free detergent which better reflect market relevant composition of ingredients,
  • more precise soiling procedure,
  • new reference materials.

Even so, ECOS submitted a set of technical comments for the Public Enquiry which was completed in late October 2018. We are convinced that there is still room for improved test conditions and test materials to better reflect real-life behaviour. Moreover, ECOS believes that the standard should better reflect aspects such as the impact of water regeneration operation in water consumption measurement and the difference between cycle and programme, and that it should adapt the measurement of the low-power modes to support the provisions in the revised Ecodesign Regulation.

ECOS will continue its active participation in the working group with the view to contribute to further improvements on the standard.