ECOS tackles material efficiency standards

Together with our members UK SNS, ZERO, Legambiente, BBLV, SSNC and EEB, we are contributing to the set of material efficiency standards for Ecodesign.

Almost a year after the initial discussions and drafting within CEN-CLC TC 10 working groups, the draft versions of the standards have now been submitted for a Secretarial Enquiry. This is where informal comments are requested before the public enquiry. These standards are expected to provide definitions, options for communication, and generic methodologies to assess the aspects such as durability, reparability and recyclability of energy-related products.

ECOS has been instrumental in moving the process forward by actively participating in the meetings and processes, submitting concrete proposals and co-chairing one of the working groups. ECOS and national members are now focusing on providing comments to the secretarial enquiry drafts. A set of inclusive, comprehensive and ambitious standards will facilitate future uptake of those methods by the stakeholders in the Ecodesign regulatory processes, and by standardisers developing product-specific methodologies in the future.