ECOS supports Commission proposal for revised Fertilisers Regulation


ECOS, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and the Central and Eastern European region’s network for biodiversity (CEEweb) have called for Members of the European Parliament to support the European Commission’s proposal to revise the existing EU Regulation on Fertilisers. The current regulation follows a linear economy model, which excludes approximately 50% of the fertilisers on the market.

The proposal aims to promote the use of organic and waste-based fertilisers and is one of the first measures taken as part of the Circular Economy Package. It will help reduce soil and water pollution levels and improve food safety, thanks to stricter limits for the Cadmium content of fertilisers. The proposal also encourages the recovery of nutrients from waste materials and their use as fertilisers which will reduce dependency on imports of critical raw materials. A level playing field between waste-based fertilisers and traditional fertilisers will be achieved through the development of European harmonised requirements for fertilising products within CEN, which ECOS will be contributing to.

ECOS will continue its work in standardisation to ensure requirements for fertilisers under the new proposal address nutrient recovery objectives and guarantee a safe and circular economy.

The letter is available here.