ECOS joins other NGOs to urge the European Commission to focus on the electrification of transport within a European Energy Union

ECOS has, together with seven other NGOs, written to the College of the European Commission (EC) prior to the EC Communication on the European Energy Union which shall propose a forward-looking climate policy.

In this letter, we urge the EC to pay special attention to the decarbonisation of transport and to include a comprehensive strategy for the electrification of transport in the climate policy.

International climate obligations and the Commission’s White Paper on transport state that Europe will have to cut emissions from transport by almost 70% from today’s levels by 2050 – a 3% reduction per year.

We are convinced that a key method of achieving this goal is through improving vehicle efficiency, introducing ambitious CO2 standards for cars and vans by 2025 and developing standards for trucks as soon as possible. These measures must be complemented with a comprehensive strategy for sustainable e-mobility.

ECOS’ work within the field of e-mobility is necessary for a number of factors, including safety, interoperability, performance of chargers, connectors, metering of electricity and the accounting of CO2.

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More information about ECOS’ work in e-mobility is available here.