ECOS joins EC Sustainable Transport Forum Sub-Group for eMobility Market of Services

Mobility and TransportECOS has been invited to join a sub-group of the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF), which was established to provide advice to the European Commission for the implementation of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFI). The STF is made up of Member State representatives and experts, acting as a  platform for dialogue between them.

The sub-group for eMobility Market of Services was created under the responsibility of the STF to resolve issues of interoperability, standardisation and technical and non-technical barriers to the market deployment of eMobility. The sub-group will produce a series of recommendations covering data definitions, functional and non-functional requirements, standards, the market of electro-mobility services state-of-play and data collection processes, among others.
ECOS was invited to act as rapporteur for a deliverable on drafting guidelines to have common definitions of eMobility services, devices and actors, with work planned until November 2016.