ECOS is proud to welcome new members!

Three organisations have just joined our network! We are proud to welcome them and very much look forward to working together towards greater environmental protection!

Meet our new members:

birdlife malta

BirdLife Malta is the oldest environmental organisation in Malta, committed to the protection of wild birds and their habitats. A non-governmental organisation, BirdLife Malta is also part of the BirdLife International network working towards conserving global biodiversity and the sustainability of natural resources.



cler-logo-print-l190mm-h60mmCLER is a French NGO whose goal is to contribute to the improvement of the living environment, the protection of the environment, the fight against climate change, pollution and nuisance, by promoting in particular renewable energy and energy transition.



Repair Together provides support and assistance to local initiatives to mobilise for the sustainable use of resources. Their objective is to pool the resources necessary for the development of “Repair Cafés” in Belgium. It works to raise awareness and inform the general public about citizen initiatives in the circular economy and the fight against planned obsolescence.