ECOS, EEB & UK SNS’ Discussion Paper on Standards for Material Efficiency of Ecodesign Products

ECOS has, in close collaboration with the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and the UK Sustainability Network for Standardisation (UK SNS), written a discussion paper regarding the development of robust and realistic calculation methods with regards to material efficiency.

So far, the Ecodesign Directive has focused on energy efficiency aspects. The lack of requirements related to resource efficiency has been attributed to the lack of metrics. Therefore, the European Commission is developing a standardisation request for the European Standardisation Bodies (CEN and CENELEC) to develop horizontal (generic, i.e. not product-specific) standards related to material efficiency aspects of products. The requested deliverables could range from methods to assess reusability/recyclability/recoverability, to methods for durability and reversible disassembly of products (or of its components) at end-of-life. These discussions take place in an ad-hoc group within CEN/CENELEC, Task Force 4, in which ECOS participates, along with the European Commission, industry associations and other stakeholders. 

This discussion paper, aspires to provide input to this current discussion, which is relevant for all products under Ecodesign, with the view to ensure that robust and realistic calculation methods are developed, allowing for structured and honest discussions on regulatory level about setting material efficiency requirements.

The discussion paper is available to read here.