ECOS commitment to reparability rewarded with Work Group leadership under Standardisation Request M/543

ECOS Senior Programme Manager Christoforos Spiliotopoulos has been appointed new convenor of CEN-CLC/TC 10/WG3.

ECOS has been at the heart of the standardisation work related to circular economy, and the work of Technical Committee 10 (TC 10) under the prominent project of M/543 is no exception. The project aims at developing generic methods to assess, amongst other aspects, the durability, reparability and recyclability of products under the Ecodesign framework. Such methods would facilitate regulatory discussions on these aspects and provide a basis for future product-specific methodologies.

At the last meeting of TC 10, the committee members approved Christoforos as the new convenor of Work Group 3, which is developing the standard EN 45554 “General methods for the assessment of the ability to repair, reuse and upgrade energy related products”. The draft standard provides an assessment methodology which relates to the identification of priority parts and the parameters that influence a product’s ability to be repaired, reused and upgraded. It is expected to undergo a public enquiry in early autumn 2018.

ECOS’ active participation and leadership in this group reflects the great importance that the concept of repair has in a circular economy, and therefore the interest of environmental NGOs and stakeholders.

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