ECOS, CIEL and Öko Institute host Strategic Workshop on Nanotechnology

ECOS, CIEL and the Öko Institute are holding a strategic workshop tomorrow on nanotechnologies. The workshop, which aims to bridge the gap between science and policy, by empowering the work of NGOs and other stakeholders to ensure a proper risk assessment of nanomaterials.

Speakers include Axel Singhofen, Advisor of Health and Environment Policy, from The Greens in the European Parliament, Dr Steffen Foss Hansen from the University of Denmark and Ian Illuminato from Friends of the Earth.

During this one day workshop, sponsored by the Villum Foundation, the technical challenges in nano policy and regulation will be explored as well as discussing the toxicity and ecotoxicity of nanomaterials amongst other topics. 

Collaboration opportunities will also be explored.

More information regarding ECOS work on nanotechnology is available here.