Crash Course in Nano – Nanomaterial Fact Sheets

ECOS has released three fact sheets regarding nanotechnology and nanomaterials together with Villum project partners, the Centre for Environmental Law (CIEL) and Öko-Institut.

The three year project aims support the public interest in relation to nanomaterial development. The ultimate objective is to ensure that risk assessment methodologies and risk management tools guide regulators towards the adoption of a precaution-based regulatory framework for the responsible development of nanomaterials in the EU and beyond. 

More information regarding the project is available here. 

The Nanomaterials Definition Fact Sheet goes through the various definitions which ‘nanomaterials’ has been given, ranging from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) definition, to the EU definition, and also country specific definitions. The importance of having a legal definition is discussed, and also some of the difficulties which are faced when trying to agree on one definition. The fact sheet is available here. 

The Nanotechnology Regulation and the OECD Fact Sheet explains what the OECD does in the field of nanotechnology, the test guidelines they have, and introduces the various steering groups working on nanomaterials. The fact sheet is available here.

The Toxicity of Engineered Nanomaterials Fact Sheet is suitable for those involved in the field of risk governance for nanotechnologies, including standardisation, labelling, and regulation in a European context. It also reviews the most recent information available on nano-toxicology, in particular, exposure assessment and hazard assessment of engineered nanomaterials. The fact sheet is available here.