CEN-CENELEC Guide 32: Addressing climate change adaptation in standardisation

In 2013, the European Commission adopted a Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change to make Europe more resilient to the adverse impacts of climate change. In order to help the implementation of the strategy, the EC addressed a standardisation request to the European Standardisation Organisations (M/526), asking for the development of guidance tools which ensure climate adaptation is embedded in all future European standardisation activities.

Originally developed under CEN lead, with the participation of national standards bodies and representatives of environmental NGOs, the document has just been adopted as a CEN-CENELEC guide. ECOS welcomes the publication of this new Guide which will enable standard developers to both identify relevant climate impacts in their field, and include climate adaptation into existing and new standards.

CEN-CENELEC Guides are reference documents giving orientation or recommendations to standard developers. They are public, free of charge, and may also address issues of interest for manufacturers and service providers.

Guide 32 ‘Guide for addressing climate change adaptation in standardisation’ is available here