emobilityTransport is responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and is projected to overtake the energy sector as the largest source of emissions in the near future. Reducing such emissions in a large and complex system will require a number of technological innovations and services, implemented in a coherent and coordinated manner. Electric vehicles are an important tool in transitioning to a low-carbon transport system. They provide a number of advantages over conventional transport, such as lower emissions, reduced dependence on foreign fossil fuel imports, improved air quality, reduced noise pollution and strengthened security of European energy systems.

For electric vehicles and related infrastructure, standardisation provides the means to arrive at common solutions that avoid market fragmentation, resulting from competing proprietary solutions. These proprietary solutions create issues of interoperability, higher costs for end-users and inconsistent infrastructure functionalities across member states; ultimately hampering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Europe.

ECOS will work to address technical issues for the rapid rollout of electric vehicles (EVs), and an e-mobility infrastructure which is interoperable, secure and cost-effective, reducing GHG emissions from the transport sector.


  • Contribute to standardisation work related to EVs and electrical systems for electric vehicles
  • In particular, take part in the development of standards series IEC 61851, establishing the foundation for connecting an EV to its charging station, and standard ISO 15118 which will enable EVs to communicate with European electricity grids
  • Promote standardisation developments supporting on-board metering in electric vehicles, in response to EC mandate on Certain Measuring Instruments
  • Support the coherence of eMobility standardisation activities and EU policy on sustainable transport


ECOS contributes to:

  • CEN-CLC-ETSI eMobility Coordination Group
  • CEN/TC 301: Road Vehicles
  • ISO/TC 22: Road Vehicles
  • IEC/TC 69: Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks
  • CLC/TC 69X: Electrical systems for electric road vehicles
  • NGO-industry ‘eMobility Platform’

Standardisation requests from the European Commission and EFTA

  • M/533: Alternative Fuels Infrastructure
  • M/541: Certain Measuring Instruments


rita-small3For more details on ECOS’ participation in the standardisation of e-mobility, please contact:

Rita Tedesco – Programme Manager – Smart homes & buildings, electric vehicles, refrigerants

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