Harmonised standards for the characterisation and measurement of pollutants in waste samples for optimised resource use, and waste management are crucial to ensure the correct implementation of European environmental policies. Standards can help assess the environmental performance of production and waste management processes, allowing for the comparison of data or practices across Europe. They also play an important role in the promotion and competitiveness of the waste prevention and recycling industry in Europe. ECOS wants to ensure that sludge recycled to land is enabled only if it is of good quality, while decreasing contamination of sludge at the source, in the context of the review of the Fertilisers regulation.

ECOS will contribute to the development of harmonised standards allowing for the proper implementation of EU waste policies with a view to optimise resource use of organic waste and minimise incineration and co-incineration of sludge.


  • Ensure reliable characterisation analysis to allow evaluating the suitability of the sludge for application to land versus incineration and co-incineration
  • Contribute to the development of guidelines for good practice in the production, utilisation and disposal of sludges
  • Promote the development of bio-waste standards, ensuring that sludge incineration is not used for bio-waste
  • Advocate for the development of a standard on phosphorous recycling and recovery from wastewater treatment processes
  • Promote convergence between standardisation and policy developments, especially in relation to recycling targets and quality of fertilisers in the European Commission’s Fertilisers Working Group
  • Follow standardisation work supporting the European Commission’s raw materials and resource efficiency initiatives

ECOS contributes to:

  • CEN/TC 206: Fertilisers and liming materials
  • CEN/TC 308: Characterisation and management of sludge
  • European Commission’s Fertilisers Working Group

Standardisation requests from the European Commission and EFTA

  • M/330: Sludge, bio waste and soil

DSC_0466For more details on ECOS’ participation in the work of sludge and biowaste, please contact:

Mathilde Crêpy – Programme Manager







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