Bio-based products are wholly or partly derived from biomass, i.e. from materials of biological origin such as plants or trees, excluding materials embedded in geological formations and/or fossilised. The bio-based share of chemical sales is expected to rise to 22% by 2020. In this context, the bio-based products sector has been identified as a priority area by the European Commission in several policy initiatives, including the flagship initiative for a resource-efficient Europe under the Europe 2020 strategy and the EU Circular Economy Package. Among others, bio-based products are expected to provide additional product functionalities, less resource-intensive production and a more efficient use of natural resources.

ECOS will work to foster the further development of a transparent and reliable market for sustainable bio-based products. In particular, ECOS will contribute to the setting of rules and methods to ensure that bio-based products have a verifiable physical bio-based content, and are labelled accordingly. We will also monitor that they contribute to the recyclability of biomass feedstock in order to truly promote the sustainable use of renewable sources in a circular economy.


Participate in standardisation work related to bio-based products, in particular, standards EN 16751 ‘Sustainability criteria’, EN 16760 ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ and standards for the determination of bio-based content
Follow the work related to reporting and communication of bio-based characteristics (EN 16848) to ensure clear and reliable schemes and consumer confidence
Monitor progress of standardisation activities in relation to bio-plastics, bio-solvents and bio-lubricants, following EC Mandate M/491

ECOS contributes to:

CEN/TC 411: Bio-based Products
CEN/TC 249: Plastics

Standardisation requests from the European Commission and EFTA

M/429: Standardisation programme for bio-based products
M/492: Development of horizontal European standards for bio-based products
M/430: Bio-polymers and bio-lubricants

DSC_0466For more details on ECOS’ participation in the standardisation of bio-based products, please contact:

Mathilde Crêpy – Programme Manager

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