Despite hard-won political successes for ambitious European renewable energy and decarbonisation targets, the establishment of variable, non-dispatchable Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in European energy systems remains a challenging technical issue. The establishment of demand response programs depends on the effective transmission of price signals throughout European energy systems to influence demand-side behaviour, in reaction to volatile supply-side conditions. To achieve such functionality, EU grids must undergo a vast transformation, integrating a number of auxiliary smart devices that can communicate and, crucially, interoperate. Unfortunately, standards determining the transfer of information between smart devices across a number of key interfaces have yet to be fully elaborated, not even being interoperable with each other.

ECOS will work to improve requirements of standards envisioned to integrate the smart home and reflect difficulties at the political level, with a view to ensure low carbon, secure, and cost-effective European energy systems and a European electricity grid composed of RES and managed with decentralised supply and demand-side solutions.


  • Contribute to improve system and component interoperability within the smart home, and reflect shortcomings at the political level
  • Take part in standardisation developments related to Smart Energy Grid and Smart Meter, including on electrical energy measurement, control and supply, home and building electronic systems, and communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters
  • Support coherence between smart grid standardisation activities and EU policies

ECOS contributes to:

  • CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Energy Grid Coordination Group (SEG-CG)
  • CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Meter Coordination Group (SM-CG)
  • CLC/TC 13 ‘Electrical energy measurement and control’
  • CLC/TC 205 ‘Home and building electronics’
  • European Commission Smart Grids Task Force
  • European Commission’s Muti Stakeholder Platform (MSP) on ICT Standardisation

Standardisation requests from the European Commission and EFTA

Not applicable


rita-small3For more details on ECOS’ participation in the standardisation of e-mobility, please contact:

Rita Tedesco – Programme Manager





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