ECOS’ extensive experience in the standardisation and legislative processes related to Ecodesign helped us shed light on a number of issues regarding the current state of the standardisation system, declaration and compliance testing of energy-related products, and market surveillance.

These activities are pursued within the context of recent media revelations about the procedures followed for product compliance, as well as legislative initiatives to clarify these procedures, such as the expected omnibus amendment to Ecodesign regulations.

ECOS will advocate for verification tolerances to only be used by market surveillance authorities and not manufacturers.


  • Launch a position paper on European testing for compliance with Ecodesign, covering testing methods, verification tolerances and market surveillance
  • Examine the use of loopholes by industry to mislabel products and mislead consumers, in the context of the STEP project (Smart Testing of Energy Products, in collaboration with ECF, TOPTEN, EEB, and CLASP
  • Advocate and engage with stakeholders (legislators, industry, NGOs) towards the improvement of the verification procedure as defined in Ecodesign regulations, including the use of tolerances, within the context of a currently proposed omnibus amendment by the European Commission

ECOS contributes to:

  • STEP Project Team
  • European Commission’s Ecodesign Consultation Forum

For further information regarding ECOS’ work on compliance testing for Ecodesign, please contact: 

Chris 3Christoforos Spiliotopoulos
Senior Programme Manager – Ecodesign & Energy Label standardisation (test methods)





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