Call for Experts: Solid Recovered Fuels, Sludge, and Water

ECOS is looking for experts in the fields of Solid Recovered Fuels, Sludge, and Water to represent environmental interests in the development of standards.

The expert(s) will represent ECOS in the following groups:

  • CEN/TC 308 on Sludge Characterisation and Management, in particular WG 1 ‘Process control methods’ and WG 2 ‘Guidelines for good practice in the production, utilization and for disposal of sludges’
  • CEN/TC 343 on Solid Recovered Fuels, in particular  WG 2 ‘Fuel specifications and classes’
  • CEN/TC 165 on Waste Water Engineering, in particular WG 5 ‘Use of treated wastewater’ and CEN/TC 230 on Water Analysis.

The full description is available here

The deadline for applications is the 01/06/2016.