“Aux normes, citoyens!” – Zero Waste Festival

27489225313_e195266bf4_oThe Zero Waste Festival, organised by ECOS member Zero Waste France in Paris, attracted 5 0000 participants including NGOs, entrepreneurs, start-ups and decision makers, to partake in over 200 workshops and plenary sessions, from 30 June to 1st July. This festival is just a first step towards a zero waste society, discussing a wide range of solutions and on-ground initiatives, including food waste reduction, waste sorting at source, compostability, reusability, repair, upcycling, etc.

Among the inspirational presentations given, ECOS Director Laura Degallaix was invited to speak about how standards can support a zero waste economy, with the example of European standard EN 13432 on compostable and biodegradable packaging, on the day of the entry into force of a national ban of single-use plastic bag in France.  She called upon civil society and other actors present to engage in standardisation to ensure that standards reflect the interests of both the industry and civil society.

For more information on how you can support and join the zero waste citizens’ initiative, check out Zero Waste France.