ECOS’ member organisations meet once a year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to take the main strategic decisions including on the work programme and budget. Between AGMs, ECOS is managed by an Executive Committee, the members of which are appointed each year by the AGM. Both the AGM and Executive Committee are chaired by ECOS President. The Director is responsible for the daily management of ECOS.

In order to take part actively in technical meetings and consultations, ECOS establishes specific pools of experts and taskforces for all topics covered in its annual work programme. The experts are people external to the organisation, who possess relevant technical expertise and present no conflict of interest. They are selected by the secretariat based on strict criteria, following public calls for experts. They are hired on an ad hoc basis to provide technical expertise to the organisation and to represent it in technical committees or stakeholder consultation groups whenever deemed necessary. They receive support and policy guidance from the ECOS policy officers in the Secretariat.

The taskforces are comprised of experts appointed by ECOS (NGO specialists, academics, consultants, etc) and interested staff from ECOS’ member organisations. They are responsible for overseeing the relevant activities, validating technical papers and reports, and ensuring coordination with the advocacy actions undertaken by ECOS and its member organisations.

To become an expert or join a taskforce, please contact us.