Why Join?

ECOS currently represents 42 NGOs from 22 European countries and 9 pan-European organisations, all working to protect the environment. By joining ECOS, you are supporting our mission to defend environmental aspects in the development of standards and product ecological regulations. Furthermore, you will be able to benefit from ECOS’ technical expertise regarding standards, and apply them to your work on national level.  

Membership categories

ECOS accepts all NGOs who work to promote and defend environmental interests as members. Individuals who wish to support the work of ECOS also have the possibility to become members. An outline of the membership categories available, together with information regarding eligibility is available below:

  • Full members – non-governmental organisations which meet all three following conditions:

A) legal entities or a consortium of legal entities in their own right, registered in a member state of the European Union (EU), of the European Economic Area (EEA) or of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), or in a country which is considered by the European Union as a candidate member.

B) carry out their activities on a continuous basis, independent of any commercial, industrial or party political influence or interest,

C) demonstrate through their statutes and practice that:

i) their main objective is to preserve, promote, defend and/or study environmental interests, with, in the latter case, the goal of advancing environmental protection, 

ii) they have a national or regional outreach,

iii) they work in one or more areas of environmental interests.

  • Associate members – members are non-governmental organisations meeting criteria B and C, outlined above, and which are willing to provide a representation mandate to the Association without being involved in its decision-making.
    An international organisation can also apply providing it meets all criteria under B and C.
  • Supporting members – individuals that share the goals of the Association or are interested in its activities and wish to bring the Association support of any kind.

For information regarding the rights of the membership categories, please consult the ECOS Statutes.

 How to apply

To become a member of ECOS, please send the documents listed below to info@ecostandard.org

  • The membership application form
  • The legal statutes of your association
  • The names of the current members of the Board of Directors
  • The most recent financial report
  • The most recent activity report

All applications are considered by the ECOS Executive Committee before they are deemed successful.

Please do contact us if you have any questions or need help.