A step towards integrating society in ICT standards

ECOS welcomes the official launch of a programme aimed to improve the visibility of civil society organisations and SMEs in ICT standardisation and facilitate their participation in the development of ICT standards. The programme is presented in a brand new brochure available online.

The programme, known as the 3SI programme, is led by the European standardisation organisation in charge of telecommunications, ETSI, and involves both civil society organisations and SMEs organisations involved in standardisation. It is the first step towards the ETSI long-term objective to become more inclusive regarding civil society organisations and SMEs.[1]

The 3SI programme will allow civil society organisations, such as ECOS, to hold regular meetings with leading players within ETSI to improve the participation of the organisations’ representatives.

ECOS and its sister organisations ANEC and ETUC, representing consumers and trade unions respectively, will have their identity cemented at the ETSI General Assembly. We will now attend as a pan-European stakeholder organisation with its own seat, representing specific interests in our own rights. Previously, ECOS was required to attend as part of the Belgian national delegation, as our organisation is legally based in Brussels. This new status will allow us to have our own identity, and to participate in our own rights to defend the environmental interests directly.


[1] ETSI Long-Term Strategy